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Gods and Warriors by Michelle Paver, reviewed by Kevin Crossley-Holland

Kevin Crossley-Holland finds the opening boook in Michelle Paver's new series impeccably researched but not to his taste stylistically:

This is a novel without sufficient change of pace. When Pirra says, "everything was happening so fast, there was never any time to talk about it", she could have been speaking of the book itself.

It would be unjust to say she has a tin ear, but Paver has very little sense of the music of language, and often gives the impression of trying too hard. The overdose of adverbs ("ragingly", "horribly", "savagely", "dizzyingly" in the first two dozen lines alone) is indicative of the author's insecurity (as well as the editor's sloppiness) and inability to find the clinching word.

And yet, and yet ... The quality of Paver's research is impeccable and, reading her vivid descriptions of bronze age life, one feels in safe hands. No less impressive is the way in which she portrays the respect between humans and animals, the sense of presiding fate governing all creation, and the rituals of propitiation made to divine forces so as not to antagonise them. KEVIN CROSSLEY-HOLLAND

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