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Reliance on PCs and laptops in decline

Lots of interesting statistics and observations in this piece, by John Naughton, from yesterday's Observer. It's certainly helped me firm up my resolve to make ACHUKA more iphone/smartphone friendly, which I know is currently emphatically not the case.

It's hard to exaggerate the significance of the smartphone tsunami, especially when we see Ofcom's discovery that more than four in 10 smartphone users say their phone is more important for accessing the internet than any other device. Smartphones are increasingly central to consumers' lives - for online shopping (57%), social networking (30%), tweeting (23%) and even watching TV/film content (22%). I've seen this time and again among family, colleagues, friends and acquaintances: the moment people acquire smartphones, their reliance on PCs or laptops declines, sometimes dramatically. But up to now those observations had a purely anecdotal status. The Ofcom report changes that.

The key thing about smartphones is that they are essentially handheld networked computers which also happen to be able to make voice calls. This is what Steve Jobs realised before most industry figures, and it explains why Apple has driven the mobile revolution. The Ofcom report is a testament to Jobs's perceptiveness, not just because of what it reveals about the centrality of smartphones in their users' lives, but also because it shows that the use of mobile phones for voice calls has peaked. The volume of calls made from mobile phones fell for the first time: down 1.1% on 2010 figures. Mobile voice revenues fell by 0.9% to £10.5bn while mobile messaging and handset data revenues increased 5.5% to £4.6bn.

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