A chastened book-loving mummy salutes you, Captain Underpants - Telegraph

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Book-Loving Mother Chastened

Rowan Pelling, writing in the Telgraph:

Customers strolling through my local Waterstones on Sunday were privy to a scene that could have come straight from the parenting sitcom Outnumbered. There was the middle-class mummy, down on her knees, beseeching her small son to "just try the first three pages" of Peter Pan, while he clutched Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets to his bosom. "It's my book token and I can spend it how I want," he said. "But it's full of cartoons," wailed his mama, "and you've been reading proper books. Why don't you stretch yourself?" Her boy burst into tears: "I want Captain Underpants." And the Tiger Mum backed down before some frowning browser called the social services. That ghastly mother was me, and it was only by a miracle of restraint - and the presence of CCTV - that I didn't whack my sprog over the head with a handy hardback copy of The Jungle Book. I still harbour the delusion that I can impose my literary tastes on my offspring, although all the evidence suggests otherwise...

Worth reading the whole (short) piece...

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