ACHUKAbooks Next Title: My Brother Will (Shakespeare)

Yesterday was the traditional celebration of Shakespeare's birth, and the launch day for the months-long World Shakespeare Festival, and we're excited to announce that the next ACHUKAbooks title will be My Brother Will by Sophie Masson.

Told in the voice of William Shakespeare's younger brother, the book charts a year in the life of the teenage brothers. Although Will(iam) barely speaks in the novel, we see him as a youth on the cusp of manhood and his life's great adventure. It's a superb and highly evocative piece of writing.

Sophie Masson's The Hunt for Ned Kelly won the Patricia Wrightson Prize for children's fiction in the NSW Premier's Literary Awards(2011), and was also shortlisted in the Book of the Year category in the same Awards, as well as being named as a Notable Book by the Children's Book Council of Australia(2011).

The Hand of Glory won the Young Adult category for the 2002 Aurealis Awards for Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Snow, Fire, Sword was shortlisted in three categories in the 2004 Aurealis Awards for Science Fiction and Fantasy, including in the Fantasy section, where it was the only children's book to be listed.

In 2008, Thomas Trew and the Island of Ghosts was shortlisted in the children's section of the Aurealis Awards.

In 2010, Sophie was awarded a residency in Paris by the Literature Board of the Australia Council, for six months at the Keesing Studio, which took place from February-July 2010.