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LA review Of Books Considers Problems Faced By Ebook Authors

This is an interesting piece, except that Joseph Peschel, the author only talks about self-published ebooks, and does not consider ebooks that have been through an editorial process and been published by a digital publisher, as in the case of ACHUKAbooks.

As MacRae and other established writers have started to change their minds on the indie-publishing question, some book section editors appear to be getting ready to adapt to a new world of publishing. The Times's Cowles, for instance, says, "We're keeping a close eye on developments in publishing and have had many discussions about how to handle the rise of electronic publishing and the possible move toward self-publishing among some established writers." Athitakis could see himself "reading and perhaps reviewing a self-published book if it spoke directly to some personal interest of mine, was written by somebody whose previous works I admired, or came very highly recommended by somebody whose opinion I respect." But for now, the Star Tribune's Hertzel is sticking with reviewing "good quality books from legitimate publishers." But "I think about this problem a lot," she admits, "as more and more people turn to self-publishing. I may change my philosophy at some point." Charles asks, "Will we miss some great books by ignoring self-published books? Of course. But we can't review anywhere near all the good books we want to review now. The last thing we need is another 100,000 galleys to consider every year."

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