Jonathan Franzen Is Wrong: eBooks Are Good for Everyone

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Jonathan Franzen Is Wrong

A riposte to Jonathan Franzen, by Lance Ulanoff

I have no idea why Franzen assumes that publishers and authors are changing their books for the e-editions. With the exception of no longer knowing exact page numbers, I don't see anyone changing their books for the Amazon Kindle, Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble Nook, or the Apple iPad and iBooks. An ebook reader is just a new delivery mechanism for literature.

To make matters worse, Franzen throws "capitalists" into the mix. They hate print books, he said, because these physical books will continue to work 10 years from now. "It's a bad business model," noted Franzen. I think capitalists like any kind of book they can sell you in mass quantities. I don't think they love ebooks more because they won't last as long (or at least the platforms they're on won't). My guess is that capitalists appreciate the speed with which you can get an ebook to market and the enhanced opportunities for broad distribution.


I will not lie and say that I won't miss print when it's gone, but, as Franzen himself predicts, it will be a memory in 50 years. Franzen's glad he won't be here to see it. I, on the other hand, hope to live well past my 97th year and to thoroughly enjoy ebooks from now to then and beyond. Maybe Franzen will change his mind and join me.

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