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Big Blog Story - ACHUKA's episode - CHAPTER 12

[Chapter 13 will appear here]

Scribble stood with his legs and arms crossed, hands hugging opposite shoulders.

"Are you cold?" asked Mr Catch.

Scribble said nothing. He was looking at the heap of blue fur that had so recently been a part of him.

Mr Catch tried to smother a snigger.

Scribble looked up with a hurt expression.

"Sorry." Catch felt instant remorse. "It's just... you look so... so different."

Scribble began to laugh at his own predicament.

"I feel ridiculous," he said.

There was no time to give his new hairlessness and bluelessness further thought. The yellow submarine, which had been lurching and rolling its aquatic way with no greater speed than an old Lisbon tram, was suddenly affected by a soundless thrust of acceleration. The sensation was like being in an aeroplane gathering speed for take-off, except that neither Scribble nor Mr Catch was strapped into a seat, and their vessel, rather than being tipped upwardly airborne, was jetting ahead with its nose down, diving deeper and deeper toward the seabed.

Scribble and Mr Catch, both thrown backwards by the force of acceleration, along with a motley assortment of unsecured items on the craft, were pinioned side by side against the rear end of the submarine.

"Looks like we're going to reach it sooner than I thought," Mr Catch bellowed.

"Why are you shouting?"

Catch felt foolish. There had been no need to raise his voice. He associated such headlong speed with noise, but the craft he had constructed with his own hand from the mysterious design found in the chest, made no noise of any kind. It had no engine. The mechanism of its movement was an unexplained miracle.

A different and other miracle had apparently occurred.

Scribble was sniggering again.

"We're both blue now."

The blue fur was no longer in a neat pile on the submarine floor. Gravitational force had thrown it back with Scribble and Mr Catch and it had stuck to the only two crew members like iron filings on a magnet, sprouting out at comical angles so that the pair looked like a couple of bizarre and exotic parrots.

They turned their beady eyes on one another.

"Aye aye, Cap'n," they said in unison, immediately dissolving into hysterical giggles.

The time for laughter did not last long. There was a rhythmic slapping sound and a loss of speed as the craft tried to force its way through thick fronds of underwater plant life.

Our two submariners dashed to the front of the craft and peered out. They seemed to have come to a complete standstill. Of the glow in the distance which they had so optimistically thought was nearly within reach, there was no longer any trace.

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The Bath Festival of Children's Literature launched a unique collaborative storytelling event on Thursday 8 September featuring well known authors and bloggers. There are 20 collaborators in the project including authors Marcus Sedgewick, John Boyne, and Annabel Pitcher who will be appearing in the Bath Festival of Children's Literature Festival, 23 September- 2 October. The story will be written in real-time with readers following the trail as it moves from blog to blog, with an addition to the story being posted at each stop.

The story runs from 8 September - 16 October with the first installment posted on the Bath Festival of Children's Literature blog where readers can click through to the next installment. Every other day a new piece of the story will be posted and as it is being written in real-time it has the potential to touch on any genre imaginable.

Artistic Director John McLay said "We are hoping to highlight the creativity and dedication of both book blogs and author blogs, through which potential readers are enthused and entertained. There is an amazing amount of support for the book industry via blogging and this is a great way for Bath to capture that and do something fun and unique".

Big Blog Story Schedule

8 September Bath Festival of Children's Literature
10 September Robin Etherington
12 September Annabel Pitcher
14 September Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
16 September Hannah Shaw
18 September Writing From the Tub
20 September Lauren Kate
22 September Marcus Sedgewick
24 September Alan Gibbons
26 September John Boyne
28 September Catherine Bruton
30 September Achuka
2 October Samantha Mackintosh
4 October An Awfully Big Blog Adventure
6 October Kate Maryon
8 October Barry Hutchinson
10 October My Favourite Books
12 October Joanna Nadin
14 October LA Weatherly
16 October Bath Festival of Children's Literature

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