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The Glass Collector by Anna Perera, reviewed by Josh Lacey

Perera guides us through the everyday lives of ordinary people living in Mokattam, describing their houses and routines, their diet and dress, their romantic aspirations and prosaic reality. She neatly shows how wider events have an impact on life there. Worried about the spread of swine flu, the Egyptian government slaughters the pigs who usually snuffle up all the food that can't be recycled, and the stench of rotting rubbish hangs heavily over the city.

The setting is vividly described, and the characters are unusual, but The Glass Collector doesn't have much of a plot. I wonder why Perera has chosen to write fiction rather than travelogue or documentary. Nevertheless, this novel will definitely interest teenage readers who are eager to know more about the wider world, particularly if their curiosity about Egypt has been piqued by recent events. JOSH LACEY

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