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Michael Morpurgo

Excellent self-penned profile, in which Morpurgo reveals how important his friends and associates have been and how (nearly) significant the result of the 1980's Whitbread Award was for him...

I'd not been shortlisted before, and so was hugely excited on the day we went up to London for the award ceremony. War Horse didn't win. I returned on the night sleeper feeling rather low, and wondering if I could ever sit down and write a book again. The next morning I found myself as usual milking the cows with a dozen children. They'd all heard, and were sad for me. I put the best brave face on it, but it wasn't easy. The phone rang during breakfast. It was Ted saying he thought we should go fishing together, and perhaps go on to Bideford for tea. The Whitbread prize was not mentioned all day. Then, over tea, Ted leaned towards me and said: "About last night. We watched it on Channel 4. It doesn't matter, Michael. It's all a lot of nonsense anyway. You wrote a fine book. And you'll write a finer one."

I'm not sure I ever have, but without the lift those words gave me, I do wonder if I'd have gone on writing at all...

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