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Guardian Review

Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne-Jones
reviewed by Marcus Sedgwick

There are some things you're not supposed to do as a writer. Item number one on day one of Creative Writing 101 is the axiom "show not tell", but a great writer knows that laws are made to be broken, and so Wynne Jones can not only get away with but revel in a line such as this: "Aidan discovered that he really, really liked Andrew." This kind of thing isn't meant to work, and yet Enchanted Glass, like much of Wynne Jones's writing, is full of it, working wonderfully.

Wynne Jones belongs to an elect clan of the most treasured of British children's authors, creating her own unique brand of fantasy, in the same manner as Alan Garner and Susan Cooper, and it's surely this experience that breeds the confidence to write with such subtle depth. MARCUS SEDGWICK

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