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Write Away Interview

Graham Joyce talks to Noga Applebaum about his books and writing for teenagers...

Your most recent novel, The Devils' Ladder, is different from previous ones in asmuch as you create a parallel world of ghosts and demons which the protagonists have access to through their shared gift of seeing. Is there a reason for this departure?

It does move away a little bit, but there is the possibility that these two kids might be having a dream. The old woman is also part of this strange club, and they all may be deluded, but the story does offer ambiguity to a lesser extent. I wondered if what I was trying to write was too confusing for young people so I tried to draw thicker lines between the two positions in this novel. I had feedback when I visited schools. Lots of kids said they had a good laugh reading my books but they wanted a more definite position - was it in the character's head or was it really happening. There are also adults who don't like this ambivalence and I always want to say, 'it's a book, it's not real, I made it so that you would ask this question' - I don't actually say it because it's too cruel. Instead I say 'thanks for asking that question, I wanted someone to ask it, but I'm not going to answer it. When you find the answer, email me'. And they sometimes do...

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