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Icelandic author, Fridrik Erlings (published by Meadowside Children's Books in the UK) was in conversation last night with Nick Tucker at the Icelandic Embassy, in front of an invited adult audience.
The event had been organised by Outside In, an organisation previously lauded on ACHUKA for the work it does to promote worldwide literature (in translation) to the UK audience.
Alexandra Strick from Outside In introduced the author and interviewer:

The Icelandic author was accompanied by his English editor, Lucy.

Nick Tucker's questioning attempted to pick out a conflict (which he perceived) between making overseas literature specific to its place, and making it generalised enough for an international audience. He wondered what compromises in translation had to be made. The audience chuckled at one point when Lucy stepped in to explain that at times the food had to be made less 'sparse'. There were other incidental changes also. But what was most interesting in this particular instance of translation was that both Benjamin Dove and Fish In The Sky had been translated by the author himself, who explained that he had welcomed the opportunity to do some 're-writing', an opportunity which most authors would love to have.

This led Nick Tucker to wonder whether there could ever be a literal word-for-word translation of the original, at which point questions and observations from the audience extended this particular discussion.

Erlings' most recent book is Fish IN The Sky:

Outside In Website
Meadowside Children's Books

A booklet acquired at the embassy giving biographical and bibliographical details about aurthors:

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