Mark Lawson talks to the writer of War Horse Michael Morpurgo about abandoning the army, his absent father - and making his acting debut |

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Mark Lawson Talks To Michael Morpurgo
Feature interview from over a week ago. Recommended.

The controversy over Julie Myerson's memoir has spectacularly revived a long-running debate over the use that writers make of family material. Has Morpurgo ever been accused of exploiting parental experience? He examines the remaining potato crust on his shepherd's pie before looking up and nodding slowly. "Yes, I have faced that accusation. I really can't say any more about it than that. But it is a problem. I face a version of it at the moment. The book I've just finished is an attempt to write a Jungle Book of today. I knew that I wanted the story to have a boy who was lost for a period of time and then became involved with elephants or tigers or so on. Then, in the newspaper, I read a story from the tsunami of 2004 about a child who was carried to safety by an elephant who seemed to sense the danger from the sea. My book is not his story - it was just a way to get my character into the jungle - but I am aware that somewhere out there is a child to whom that experience belongs...

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