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Amanda Craig reviews....

Auslander by Paul Dowswell

Although it demands a patient and sophisticated reader because it takes time before the action gets going, Auslander is a splendid novel. In showing how an essentially nice boy is so nearly corrupted by evil, it steps outside the victim culture of novels such as those by Morris Gleitzman and comes close to classics such as The Silver Sword. Admirers of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas should look at this novel as a model of imaginative sympathy, rather than the exploitation of a period. AMANDA CRAIG

and The Escape by Robert Muchamore

Muchamore's plain, punchy, often funny style makes Horowitz look like Proust, but it is highly effective. CHERUB aficionados will know what happens to Henderson in the future, and this clever, tense novel is a great way of getting bored boys interested in history - but it falls apart at the end. All the Germans are no more real than those in an Xbox game such as Call of Duty, and Muchamore is writing too much too quickly. Though this will please his fans, he owes it to his craft to slow down and try for a little more of Dowswell's subtlety - just as Dowswell could do with a jolt of Muchamore's adrenalin. AMANDA CRAIG

Muchamore responded on Twitter: "Today's times says that my 'Plain, punchy, often funny style' is highly effective but makes Horowitz look like Proust. Who's Proust?"

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