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Never A Case Of Either Or

Like many authors and storytellers, illustrators and poets, I have been to many hundreds of schools, invited in to help engage children with books, to encourage them, to read stories, to help them to find their own voices as writers. I know the moment I walk into a school whether stories and poems are valued and loved by teachers and children alike. At St Joseph's Primary School in Muswell Hill, the teachers love books, and so do the children. It's the same at Charles Dickens Primary School in Southwark. There are thousands of schools like them, but sadly there are thousands that are not, schools where the library is still a few shelves in a corridor, where books are a low priority, where head teachers believe that all a love of books can do, is better done by a computer. It should never be a case of either, or. We need both: IT and a great library...

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