Bookhabit Poetry Competition

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Bookhabit Poetry Competition

Bookhabit Poetry Competition

· Written

· Audio and Video

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· 1st US$500, 2nd $200, 3rd $100 - each section

· Overall Winner $500

· All prizes in US Dollars.

Judged by the New Zealand Poetry Society

· People's Performance Choice $500 (Audio and Video section only- awarded to the person delivering poem)

Judged by registered Bookhabit users

Round 1
Dates: 22 September - 2 November

· Entries may be submitted in any of the 6 weeks of Round 1

· Each week Monday GMT 00:00 - Sunday GMT 23:59 is a new week

· At the end of the week will judge the 50 poems from each section that will advance to Round 2

· The poems advancing to Round 2 will be announced as soon as the judging is completed for each week

· Registered users can let everyone know which poems they like by using the 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' mechanism available

· The aggregation of the 'thumbs up and down' determines only the sort order of the poems and has no bearing on which poems advance to Round 2.

Round 2
Dates: 10 November - 23 November

· No new entries will be received

· 50 poems through from each section, in each week from Round 1 (300 in total)

· The top 50 poems as determined by registered users will advance to Round 3

· Users will have an allocation of points that they can award to their favorite poems in each section.

· Detailed instructions will be posted at the start of Round 2.

Round 3
The People's Performance Choice Award of $500 (in the Audio and Video section) will be awarded to the person delivering the poem (not necessarily the person who 'penned' the poem). The decision will be made by the registered users of Bookhabit. Voting will be open for 2 weeks until 7 December.

Poems will be judged by our panel to determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd poems in each section, and an overall winner.

Conditions of Entry

· Only one username per person may be created

· A maximum of five entries in each section, per week per entrant

· Each poem may only be entered once (and not in multiple weeks)

· A poem can be entered in more than one section e.g. video and written

· The poem must be the original work of the entrant

· A poem may be read or performed by someone other than the poet

· The poem must be original content and must not be previously published. The poem can appear in audio or video section if the author still has rights to the poem and the poem has been published previously as a written poem

· No props, costumes, or music are allowed in the audio or video formats

· Written entries are to be submitted in plain text with no formatting other than line breaks and paragraph breaks

· Entries must be in English

· Entry is open to all poets, regardless of age or residency

· Audio and video 10 minute maximum length

· Written 2,500 word maximum

· If entering the haiku or tanka categories then a single entry should consist of 5 haiku or 5 tanka

· must be used in the video section

· The poem is not allowed to be entered in any other competition during the life of the poem in the competition. A poem is considered live until the results of the week or round have been released on the Bookhabit website

· Bookhabit accepts no responsibility for the poems entered on Bookhabit

· Bookhabit accepts no responsibility for the poems uploaded to

· Content must not be of a sexually explicit or offensive nature

· Bookhabit have the right to publish or broadcast the prize winning poems for 12 months after the announcement of the prize winners. The poet will be notified if a poem is being published or broadcast anywhere other than the Bookhabit or Youtube websites, however Bookhabit cannot control other parties linking to or using the poems

· By submitting an entry the author also agrees to receive emails from and New Zealand Poetry Society. These addresses will not be spammed, nor will any personal details be passed on without the permission of the user

· Bookhabit reserves the right to remove any poem, user or preferences from the competition at any time

· When an entrant submits a poem onto or enters it in the competition the entrant is agreeing to the terms and conditions as agreed to when joining as a registered user

· The Judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

· The organiser of this competition is Bookhabit Online Limited, PO Box 11198, Wellington 6142, New Zealand.

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