Eoin Colfer's LIVE Show On The Road Again


Epoj Colfer is touring with his one-man live show diring August again, to help promote the new Artemis Fowl title, Artemis Fowl And The Time Paradox


'I believe, particularly in the field of children's books, that there are in fact dozens of authors whose profiles are bigger now than they would have been twenty years ago.'

A good point. You may be right about this, though I'm not sure which factors are contributing. Obviously marketing as a whole is a lot more aggressive, but there are surely other cultural factors.

Maybe someone else can weigh in. I've often wished for more discussion here on what is an otherwise excellent blog/site!

No, you're right Michael, it's less to do with content than form (though at least in fiction I find them inseparable). My dislike is, of course, personal - I wouldn't even participate in a conference or festival, so much do I shun the Cult of the Writer, or maybe I mean the Pop Cult. But for conventionally published writers hoping to sell their books (and one of many reasons why I choose not to join their ranks), this sort of road show puts them under pressure to perform in a similar manner, when they may not have the inclination, skillset, or wherewithal to compete. Poet Jay Parini talks about 'the bludgeoning loud voice of mass culture', and we need to be aware that the bigger guys get bigger, and the littler guys littler, in such an environment.

It's reading which can help counterbalance this bludgeoning loud voice. And as a writer, I would do as little as possible to contribute to it.

Probably not, Lee, but I can't help liking him. A lot. And I don't think his performance reflects lack of taste in his audience, either. "My" local big EC fan is the most well behaved male 13-year-old I know.

I wonder if I'm the only writer who is dismayed by this sort of performance.

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