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Deakin Newsletter

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Nicola Morgan Interviewed

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Pop Not Plop

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Running to the future | By genre | Guardian Unlimited Books

Adele Geras hails Berlie Doherty's new book, Abela:

Doherty's enormously impressive achievement is to make adult subjects (female circumcision, Aids, the fate of refugee children, the troubles attendant on fostering, the difficult path to adoption) understandable for young readers without once talking down to them. She transports us to both Sheffield and Africa. Her description of Abela's longing for education is very touching and ought to make any British child realise how lucky she is to be able to go to school...

ST Book Of The Week

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Pancakes for Findus review | Children's Books - Times Online

Sunday Times Children's Book Of The Week

Pancakes For Findus by Sven Nordqvist

One of Philip Pullman´┐Żs favourites, this picturebook-sized storybook, translated into English at last, is the first of a series of nine about Farmer Pettson and his cat Findus, who wears dungarees and speaks. First published in 1985 in Sweden, where the award-winning author and illustrator is celebrated, it has since appeared in 44 languages... NICOLETTE JONES

Picture Book Roundup

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The best of the season's picture books - Independent Online Edition > Features

Picture book roundup by Nicola Smith - Independent On Sunday

Books For Boys

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Yo ho ho and a bottle of blood: thrilling books for boys - Independent Online Edition > Features

Books for boys reviewed by boys (three brothers aged 15, 11 and 7) from the Independent On Sunday.

A Cabinet Of Curiosities

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The end of time | Review | Guardian Unlimited Books

Mary Hoffman finds the latest novel by Celia Ress - The Stone Testament - complex and engaging.

Rees doesn't usually do fantasy, apocalyptic or otherwise. She is well-known for her bestselling historical novels, such as Witch Child and Pirates!, and for another strain of fiction for young adults that combines 21st-century realism with a disturbing strand of psycho-horror. It is not surprising that, having taken this genre-plunge, a writer of Rees's calibre would go right in at the deep end. Because Mayan apocalypses are just the beginning. The book also covers shamanism, suicide cults, pterosaurs, evil Mesopotamian gods, busking on the tube, living rough and early 20th-century adventurers and scholars. In fact, it's like nothing so much as a cabinet of curiosities, stuffed full of fascinating artifacts and natural objects. While you're looking up close, it's hard to see the purpose behind the collection, but when you stand back, it's revealed in all its complexity...

ST Roundup

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Times Christmas Roundup

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