DIY Delays ACHUKA Gameplan

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Those expecting swift changes following my end of summer announcement here (blog entry September 2nd) can be forgiven for wondering when said changes will become apparent.
Bear with me. All is topsy turvy here, with bookshelves unscrewed from wall and lying forlornly on top of one another like a strange wooden wreck, with piles of new autumn releases well-nigh unreachable behind stacks of older books taken from the same shelves.
There is, I'm afraid to say, major redecoration going on here, and not before time. It's all of a piece really. Changing the home/office decor, at the same time as changing the look and direction of the website.
I have received some heartening and understanding responses via email to the New Gameplan screed, which I am going to copy into the next eLetter, as I'm aware not all subscribers routinely read the blog. The best message though came this week in the post: handwritten words of encouragement on a postcard in support of change from a major and much-admired author. It was sitting on the post table in the hall (an old church organist's bench) on top of various packages when I arrived home from a particularly trying day at school.
So much better that than a a series of nagging and forthright emails the following day from a librarian complaining about vandalism on the wiki. A wiki is a community enterprise, and it's everyone's responsibility, not just mine, to wipe the graffiti clean when they find it. Anyway, editing and changing the wiki entries is not open any more to anonymous users.

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