Science Book Winner 2007

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Royal Society Science Book Junior Winner

Can you feel the force?, by Richard Hammond, published by Dorling Kindersley

The President of the Royal Society, Martin Rees announced these titles as the Winners of the Junior Prize and the General Prize respectively, at an award ceremony held last night at the Royal Society in London.

The Junior Prize is given to the best book written for young people aged up to 14 years old.

Can you feel the force? uses physics to answer questions such as, �can you lie on a bed of nails?, �what�s inside an atom?� and �can you walk on custard?�. It also provides an accessible and entertaining introduction to some of the great scientists, such as Newton and Galileo, and outlines simple experiments to try at home.

Commenting on Can you feel the Force?, Anna aged 13 and one of the Junior Judges said: �It was good because it had unusual facts that you wouldn�t know from science lessons.�

Andrew aged 11 said: �The illustrations were good but my favourite bit was the way of walking on custard.�

Adele aged 11 said: �I didn�t vote for it just because Richard Hammond wrote it, it truly was the best.�

Eleanor Updale, chair of the junior judging panels said: �This instantly appealing book traces the roots of physics to the dawn of civilization, but concentrates on the way physical forces are at work in all our lives today. With clear illustrations, practical experiments, and well-paced text, it makes an interest in science look like fun � and above all, normal.�

The other books short listed for this year�s Junior prize were:

� How nearly everything was invented by the brainwaves devised and illustrated by Ralph and Lisa Lazar, and written by Jilly MacLeod.

� It�s true! Space turns you into spaghetti by Heather Catchpole and Vanessa Woods (Allen and Unwin)

� KFK Natural Disasters by Andrew Langley (Kingfisher Knowledge)

� My Body Book by Mick Manning and Brita Granstr�m (Franklin Watts)

� Science Investigations: Electricity by John Farndon (Wayland)

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