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In response to Achuka's comment below about the, Puffin would like readers to know that we have now frozen the site whilst we migrate it in order to hopefully avoid this type of posts in future. Although the site had been targeted by aggressive spammers in the last few weeks, we have had a moderator working on the site who was able to remove any offensive or irrelevant spam posts quickly. However, over this weekend, the volume of spam, some of it pornography related, unfortunately became too big for all spam to be successfully blocked which is why we have had to temporarily suspend the site. has allowed Kevin Brooks' fans to discuss the philosophical issues arising from his book Being in an innovative way, inspiring threads and conversations which reach right across the country. Puffin put all necessary safeguards in place, including employing a part-time moderator, blocking suspicious IP addresses and having a list of banned words which, if contained in a post would trigger an email to the moderator who would then be able to remove the offensive material. Until this weekend, all questionable material was removed within a couple of hours of it going up, and as soon as we were made aware of its existence

Unfortunately creating a vibrant live online community means that everyone must be allowed to post. Some sites, for no real reason seem to attract high levels of spam and unfortunately was one. We have come up with a solution which will be increasing the protection of the site, and will be putting it up again soon. I will post here when this has happened and it is safe (and possible) for readers to re-join the debate about Being.

Jodie Mullish
Publicity Manager
Puffin Books

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I would like to offer my sympathy to Puffin and Kevin Brooks. My webmaster at the official Illmoor site has recently been forced to close down the on-site forum due to the ridiculously high level of (mainly drug-related) spam. After trying to combat the problem for several months, we eventually decided to move the forum and ended up establishing a different 'temporary' chat zone with another host. Very frustrating, and incredibly disruptive for fans.

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