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Review: Being by Kevin Brooks | Review | Guardian Unlimited Books

Hmmm! Philip Ardagh says he was expecting something 'edgier' in his review of Being, Kevin Brooks' first novel for Puffin.
Something edgier than the opening, when the hero is cut open on the operating tabe while fully conscious?
It's a curious review, because Ardagh admits that Brooks handles both aspects of the book - the thriller and the philososphical stand about identity - "expertly". And yet, he ends on this note. The kind of review, one imagines, (and I've probably been guilty of wiritng a few myself) thay must be very frustrating for an author to read.

I was expecting something edgier and more intense. Had Being been the work of a new writer, I'd be singing its praises - though, sadly, not necessarily in print. As it is, I've come to expect a further dimension from Brooks which, for me, this book doesn't deliver. But there's nothing wrong with going more mass market and, if it hooks in new Brooks fans who then go on to read his earlier work, all the better.

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