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Bryan Appleyard, from a recommended piece on graphic novels in yestersday's Sunday Times (Culture section):

... ...why is this rebirth of the serious graphic novel different? Because this new wave arrives when the ascendancy of the image � presciently described by George Steiner, in 1971, in his book In Bluebeard�s Castle � has begun to dwarf the power of the word. The visual arts are booming. The screen fills our lives through television, cinema and computers. Thanks to computers, even when we are obliged to read words, we expect them to be arranged in helpful modules, with plenty of graphics. The computer normalises the graphic novel as a form. The graphical user interface may one day be seen as the most important invention of our time. Through such devices, the imperial image reigns and is, more successfully than ever before, invading the book. Good thing, bad thing? Who knows? For me, these books are hard work. I can�t relax into their images in my mind, as I do with a conventional novel. The author�s versions keep dragging me back. But I guess they�re not for me. They�re for the kids sprawling in the graphic-novels section.

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