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I met my TES editor,

Geraldine Brennan, briefly at the BETT exhibition yesterday afternoon. Seeing my badge, she said, "So they call you Mick at school." Yes, they do.
My mother and sister have never called me anything but Michael. For a brief time in my childhood, I was called Mike. But only in the holidays, when we went to stay with my grandmother, and her neighbours decided that's what I should be called. Nowadays I become disproportionately irritated whenever someone decides to address me as Mike, as longterm followers of ACHUKACHAT (which has once again become moribund by the way) will remember.
I became a Mick when I was 15, after moving school. Friends at the new school quickly decided I was a Mick, and it's been that amongst friends and at home (and at school), ever since. Our school's caretaker retired at Christmas. He had been at the school for nine years. I have worked there for much longer than that. He was also a Mick. But to avoid confusion, he agreed to be known as Mike. Some people have an aversion to using the name 'Mick', and certain educational contacts occasionally ring the school office and ask to speak to 'Mike'. In the past, this has often resulted in much confusion, with calls intended for me being put through to the caretaker, who was hard of hearing. The new caretaker is called Will so the potential for such misunderstandings is no longer there.
I use my full name for ACHUKA and for all reviewing and writing work. And that's the way it will continue.

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