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BBC NEWS | Magazine | Lost childhood? Nostalgic claptrap

Children are losing their imaginative powers, claims a group of child experts. Rubbish, says best-selling children's author, GP Taylor, they're just as creative as ever... "It's nostalgic claptrap, it's tosh, this idea that we should go back to the 1950s. Because even in the 1950s, people were saying 'the radio is terrible, it's leading young people astray'," says Mr Taylor, who worked as a Church of England vicar before becoming a children's author... And he is unimpressed by the suggestion that the current crop of children are being stifled by the way they live. Times change, cultures change, but it doesn't mean that childhood comes to a grinding halt, he says. "It seems so knee-jerky, it's the old guard, trotting it out, saying 'oh woe is the world'. And it's not, I'm out there every day and the world is a fine place. The kids are as creative now as they ever have been."

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