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A fantastic story is hard to find - Books - Times Online

Amanda Craig is hard-hitting about her dislike of G. P. Taylor's new fantasy The Curse Of Salamander Street:

OF THE 100 OR SO children�s books that I am sent each week, well over three quarters are fantasy. Where most critics blanche at the mention of two moons, hairy feet, wizards� staffs and angels, I am an unabashed devotee of the genre, which makes me all the angrier at the bad stuff being published. The very worst is G. P. Taylor�s The Curse of Salamander Street. I am appalled at the way this author has managed to rise on a minimum of talent and a maximum of self- publicising stunts (such as his claim that he was defending free speech when ejected from a school reading for using foul language).

She much prefers The Hollow People by Brian Keaney, "a remarkable piece of writing, broodingly atmospheric and sympathetic towards its troubled teenaged protagonists."

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