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Yesterday's entry from L. Lee Lowe's blog:

One of the pleasures of blogging: to be able to ignore all of the books everyone's talking about, precisely because everyone else is already talking about them, books which hardly need my voice added to the chorus - or outcry. Instead, I want to devote at least some of my time to less-known fiction, which though it may not be the work of genius, is well worth a readership. And needs a little guidance lest its trajectory land it in the out-of-print zone.

Here's Charles Butler, senior lecturer at the University of the West of England, who teaches both children's and Renaissance literature (and holds a postgraduate degree in computer science - a man after my own heart, for I love those fiction writers with a strong interest or background in science/technology/mathematics). He's written both dauntingly fine academic works (Four British Fantasists is his most recent) and wonderful children's and YA fantasy books.

Death of a Ghost is Butler's latest YA novel. His body of fiction fits well into the tradition he himself has studied so extensively, the fantasists of whom Alan Garner was undoubtedly the most influential of his generation. Like Garner, Butler draws on myth in his fiction; like Garner, he examines the nature of time; and like Garner, he is a superb stylist.

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