Pullman On Peevish Narnia

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The Observer | UK News | Holy war looms over Disney's Narnia epic

From last Sunday's Observer:

'If the Disney Corporation wants to market this film as a great Christian story, they'll just have to tell lies about it,' Pullman told The Observer Pullman believes that Lewis's books portray a version of Christianity that relies on martial combat, outdated fears of sexuality and women, and also portrays a religion that looks a lot like Islam in unashamedly racist terms. 'It's not the presence of Christian doctrine I object to so much as the absence of Christian virtue. The highest virtue, we have on the authority of the New Testament itself, is love, and yet you find not a trace of that in the books,' he said... ...
The Narnia books, Pullman said, contained '...a peevish blend of racist, misogynistic and reactionary prejudice; but of love, of Christian charity, [there is] not a trace'.

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1)It seems Pullman, who is often portrayed in the press as a very intelligent person, is unable to tell the difference between allegory and doctrine.
If he thinks that martial combat is central to the theme in L,W&W he simply misses the point. An eight year old could point it out to him.
2)The virtues that he looks for in Narnia but does not find are absent in his own work. At least in Narnia there is a concept of good and evil. This concept is completely absent in His Dark Materials.
3)He has a problem with the fact that it is religious propaganda. Lewis never denied it. Pullman's own work is a vitriolic attack on Christianity. If the Lyra books are not religious propaganda then I'm a fish.
4)Apparently God has been edited out of the upcoming film version of "His Dark Materials". Is Pullman sore that Hollywood censored HIS propganda? (but not that of Lewis?)
5)Maybe he is scared that Aslan will make more money that Lyra?
6) And lastly: Atheists who pretend to be holier than thou give me heartburn. Social Darwinism is the only worldview an honest atheist can have.

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