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Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | Teen fiction: Sep 18

Kate Kellaway, in The Observer, is not impressed by American critic, Dale Peck's first children's novel, Drift House:

...this month, American novelist Dale Peck, best known as the critic who out-Burchills Burchill for savagery, publishes Drift House (Bloomsbury ?12.99) an almost unreadably fogeyish, camp version of CS Lewis. Drift House is exactly as it sounds, a house that floats into the sea....

However, of the 'boxloads' of teenage and children's books she read this summer, she found two that were outstanding:

The White Darkness by Geraldine McCaughrean - "dazzling, pitiless"

and Ingo by Helen Dunmore, a story that "adheres in the mind"

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