Teenage Fiction Not Timid

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Independent Online Edition: The Facts About Teenage Fiction

ACHUKA & others have been saying it for years of course. Still, it's good to hear it loud & clear from on high :-))

Boyd Tonkin, writing in yesterday's Independent:

... ...it isn't the startling topics or no-holds-barred idioms that define the strongest achievements in children's fiction today. More remarkable than the upfront passions and terrors is its ability to win and keep readers with an amazingly wide range of forms and genres - from the grittiest kinds of "dirty realism" through every possible brand of fable and fantasy. Alongside its exploits and experiments, much of mainstream adult writing looks stuck in a drearily naturalistic backwater. So read Blackman, or Pullman, or Burgess, and be shocked: not by their ambitions, but by their adult counterparts' timidity...

Highly recommended

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