Cowardly Escapists

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An author calls Rowling's adult readers 'cowardly escapists'
... ...surely this is worht a comment ;-)

Adult fiction recognises that the contemporary world is a complex, difficult place with demands on our reasoning that require careful consideration. I have nothing against Harry Potter or any of his genuinely juvenile followers - children should be bursting with juvenility - but his adult disciples are little more than cowardly escapists.


Besides, what is wrong with escapism?
It's easy to sneer if your life is a bed of roses but if you are having a rotten time a bit of fantasy with a happy ending is no bad thing. I came to Harry Potter and Terry Pratchett while undergoing chemotherapy. Perhaps, as an adult, I should abuse gin instead?

Well, for one thing, calling people names because their taste differs from yours is scarcely the height of maturity.

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