Rowling's Heir?

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Hype after Harry - Harry Potter - Times Online

An article from last Saturday's new Books supplent in The Times, focusing on Random House's $500,000 advertising campaign and 1m first printrun for Christopher Paolini's second novel, Eldest.

Footnoted by this fascinating factifile about HP promotion:

Potter by numbers Bloomsbury has spent an estimated ?1 million to promote Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Here is where the money has gone: 632,000 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince carrier bags 177,500 cover art banner posters

171,530 packets of Bertie Bott�s Every Flavour Beans (in independent retailers� party packs)

20,000 �The wizarding hour approaches� banner posters

16,700 mobiles featuring Harry and Dumbledore

15,000 Countdown Clocks

7,500 Harry dumpbins

2,022 buses advertising �Hop aboard for Harry Potter!�

2,000 spectators outside Edinburgh Castle

700 party packs for independent retailers

70 cub reporters from UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa

12 cannon shots, at the stroke of midnight outside Edinburgh Castle
3 ITV programmes

2 cub interviewers (one British, one Australian)

2 minutes of midnight footage beamed worldwide via satellite

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