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Harry and a glimpse of love - The Herald

Reviwwing HP6 for last week's Glasgow Herald, Julie Bertagna cannot help but see parallels with pomp rock bands of the 1970s:

... ... [the now book] got me thinking of pomp rock bands of the 1970s. The bigger they got, the more inflated the songs. Once they started on 13-minute guitar solos, it was time to find punk. At the World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow this summer, I'm speaking at an event that asks: "Has Harry Potter Set Children's Fiction Back 50 Years?" The paradox is that an essentially old-fashioned story has become an unparalleled phenomenon via the modern wizardry of the most brilliantly inspired, unconventional, expensive and ruthless global marketing pomp the publishing world has ever seen. Harry might vanquish Voldemort, but what about the pomp? In HP7, I'll be rooting for him to find some punk.

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