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Dinah Hall's summer roundup appeared in Sunday's Telegraph, containing this persuasive endorsement of Julia Green's latest novel, Hunter's Heart:

Of all the books I�ve read this year Hunter�s Heart by Julia Green (Puffin, �4.99), with its undertow of menace and superb portrait of male adolescence, was the one that truly got under my skin... ... For mature twelve to sixteen year olds � and any mothers wanting insight in to the psyche of teenage boys.

Also, in yesterday's (Monday's) Evening Standard, Hall reviewed Malorie Blackman's Checkmate. In an excellent, broadly positive single-title review, she took Blackman's editor to task for allowing some flaccid figurative writing occasionally to stall the narrative flow:

Blackman is a terrific thriller writer, driving her plots forward with skill and tenacity. It�s only when she occasionally pauses to admire the view, and throws in a badly turned simile, that the prose skids to a halt. How did a sentence like �my lower jaw hanging like a limp piece of wet lettuce� ever get past the red pen? Would that be Little Gem or Cos? you find yourself wondering. And I fear Blackman�s description of Sephy�s first sexual experience � a �single dazzling rocket bursting into a shower of silvery lights� followed by a whole volley of rockets one after another after another� - will be setting up more than a few teenage girls for disappointment.

This is good, critical reviewing at its best.

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