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Another 'belatedly' award listing (details from Andrea Deakin):

2005 Norma Fleck Award for Non-Fiction: Shortlist

Marthe Jocelyn: A Home for Foundlings (Tundra)

Marthe Jocelyn's book is an account of Thomas Coram and the Foundling Hospital. Her interest in the hospital was first aroused when she discovered that her grandfather was raised there. Her history, with its moving fictional first chapter, is packed with detail in text and illustration and written in a very accessible and interesting way.

Shari Graydon In Your Face: The Culture of Beauty and You (Annick Press)

An account of what was considered beauty throughout time allows young adults to look more carefully at our present culture of beauty. Shari Graydon helps teens to become critical of the pressures put upon them to conform to type.The book criticises popular culture without criticising the young people drawn to it.

Ange Zhang Red Land , Yellow River A Story from the Cultural
(Groundwood Books)

This is an account of his childhood in China and the impact of the "cultural revolution" on the Chinese people, particularly on the Zhang family. "All I wanted was to be just like the other kids...." It also depicts his growing determination to be himself , and the inner strength that he had to develop.

Hazel Hutchins A Second is a Hiccup: A Child's Book of Time (North Winds Press:Scholastic)

This book for young children tackles a child's perception of time. Each passage of time, "to jump a rope"- a second, "to build a sandy tower"- an hour, links into the experience of a small child in a very effective way.

Kathy Kacer The Underground Reporters (Second Story Press)

Forbidden to attend school, a small group of Jewish children found a swimming hole on the Vlatava River and founded their own centre. Here they wrote their own newspaper, typed out one copy and distributed it
person to person throughout the town. This picture of life under Nazism, and the way it affected young people also conveys their growing awareness of what is really happening to their community.

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