World Book Day (tomorrow)

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Six new stories by bestselling writers, including Roald Dahl, Garth Nix and Benedict Blathwayt, will be published for children of all ages on World Book Day, 3rd March 2005, priced at ?1.

Over 13 million school children will have received a ?1 World Book Day Book Token which can be exchanged for a World Book Day ?1 Book between Monday 28th Feb to Sunday 27th March or put towards any book or audio book costing ?1.99 or more.

The World Book Day ?1 Book Token is supported by National Book Tokens and funded by bookshops across the country

Each World Book Day ?1 Book is suitable for a different age range, which means that every child can enjoy at least one of the unique books being produced to celebrate the day. For the first time a ?1 board book has been specially produced for toddlers.

The six World Book Day ?1 Books are:

Poppy Cat Loves Rainbows
by Lara Jones
Macmillan, for ages 0-3

This is the first board book to be produced as a World Book Day ?1 book, especially for pre-school children. Lara Jones? Poppy Cat loves to have fun with her friends and this bright and colourful board book will delight any toddler.

Night Flight for the Little Red Train
by Benedict Blathwayt
Random House, for ages 3+

The Little Red Train is flying along the track at a tremendous speed; Duffy MUST get passengers and post to Scotland by sunrise. Suddenly he spots something vital missing from the front of the engine. So he embarks on an amazing feat of daring to keep the Little Red Train on track. Packed with wonderful detail this reduced
format Little Red Train picture book will captivate young readers.

Horrid Henry?s Bedtime
by Francesca Simon
Orion, for ages 5-9

Utterly wicked. Totally brilliant. Henry?s fiendish plots will make
you ache with laughter.
Horrid Henry hates going to bed and will do anything to put off the awful moment. This unique new story, specially written for World Book Day is combined with the diary Henry had to write for his homework, and the story that explains just what he's got against Perfect Peter. Francesca Simon has added some of the questions children often ask her about Henry (and herself). As always, the text is matched by Tony Ross's sparky drawings.

The Flying Feeling
by Hilary McKay
Hodder, for ages 8-12

Rose, the youngest member of the Casson family, has fallen asleep in class- but the last 24 hours have been exhausting! She hoped no one had noticed but her teacher had. She asked Rose if there was anything wrong "here at school? Or at home, perhaps?". Rose could tell that she had not forgotten about yesterday. Yesterday had been a bad day - but last night had been even worse...

This is another warm, touching and hilarious Casson family story from Hilary McKay.

Roald Dahl?s Incredible Chocolate Box
by Roald Dahl
Puffin, for ages 8-12

A whipplescrumptious taster of things to come in an exciting year for Dahl fans. As fans await the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, the book includes a missing chapter from the original book. The book also previews the fascinating facts about Charlie, Matilda, the BFG and Roald himself which will be revealed when the Roald Dahl Museum opens in the summer.

The Creature in the Case
by Garth Nix
HarperCollins, for age 11+

This is an exclusive new adventure set in the Old Kingdom, six months after the events in ABHORSEN. Nicholas Sayre is recuperating from the injuries he received at the hands of the Destroyer. After several idle months in Ancelstierre, he is desperate to return to the Old Kingdom. As a favour to his Uncle Edward, the Chief Minister of Ancelstierre, he travels to spend the weekend in a remote country house which seems easy enough, till he discovers that the house holds many secrets and a relic, too far from the Wall for any spark of its magical life to reignite. Unless someone finds a way to unleash its power...

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