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A 'remixed, remastered, funkified' extended interview with Joe Casey, comic book author, who is working on a new US manga called Krash Bastards...

It's a little less "they're not buying" and a little more "they're not listening" if you follow me.

I guess I'm not sure who "they" are, in this instance. If you're talking about teenagers themselves, there's no use in proselytizing. When I talk about "speaking to" a teenage readership (again, whether they exist or not), I'm talking about trying to give them something that they don't outright reject, as they probably do with most modern superhero comic books these days. As far as that's concerned, I think the best you can do is hold up a mirror to their experience. Give them something that - on some level - is recognizable to them. At least, that's what we try to do with "The Intimates."


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