Corralling Creativity

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Sophie Masson argues that all the theory is killing English literature for school children. - On Line Opinion - 28/2/2005

Sophie Masson speaks her mind about the Australian 'English' curriculum...

The constant harping on ?values? - by which is meant values of patriarchy, or what have you - dulls and blunts kids' reactions to literature. Why in the name of God do they need to browbeat kids about what to think, and how to interpret a work of art? I've listened to my kids and their friends discuss books they've loved, with great fervour, intelligence and understanding. They simply detest all this corralling of creativity into ?values?, it's so damned Victorian: despite the fact the people who construct these things obviously think they are so daring and subversive. Damn it, don't they think it's them who are ?the dominant paradigm?? In my experience, the really bright kids who love literature simply mouth the stuff they have to in order to pass exams, and rebelliously, in their own minds, cleave to their own ideas. And they avoid English at university like the plague.

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