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Just about to post a truncated Mail List update, not doing much more than pointing people to the dozen or so items blogged below. I'm sure there are a few things I've missed. If anyone spots significant omissions, let me know.
Mailing Monkey has submitted a superbly entertaining second installment, so watch out for that in the next day or two.
The hotel we stayed in in Glasgow had a broadband connection in each room, so I might well have been able to keep things updated had I taken a laptop with me, but although the notion of blogging while on the raod (a la Neil Gaiman and others) has always appealed, on balance I prefer to treat my rare trips away from base as a complete break from routine.
I've no idea yet what arrived in the post while I was away, as the Post Office was instructed to hold all packets back until tomorrow. I'm expecting a santasackful of stuff to be arriving in the morning.

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