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[Press release from a small independent publisher, Crowswing Books]

Waterstone's have reserved the entire first print run of Sean Wright's teenage-adult crossover book, THE TWISTED ROOT OF JAARFINDOR.

In an exclusive deal, Waterstone's will sell the paperback JAARFINDOR in every one of their UK stores as part of their Xmas promotion. The book, which retails for ?5.99, will be featured as a special 3 for the price of 2 promotion and given a prominent position in the front of store Gift Bay for the Xmas market.

Tipped by Hatchard's children buyer, Lucy Masters, to be THE only small press book to read this Christmas, JAARFINOR hits shelves on 30th October.

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The hardback (first edition) version sold out 5 weeks before the author is due to launch JAARFINDOR at Hatchard's in Piccadilly on the 27th October.

British author Sean Wright has agreed to sign copies of the paperback version of JAARFINDOR for people pre-ordering via their local Waterstones store, making JAARFINDOR one of the most collectable books of 2004. A small run of first edition copies have been printed in paperback and hardback, and the signed copies are definitely the ones to grab. They will make an ideal Christmas present, and additionally may prove a shrewd investment in the collectable book market. The limited edition paperback print run will be scaled out to all of Waterstone's UK stores.

Featuring the stunning cover art of multi-award winning artist, Les Edwards, JAARFINDOR has been the subject of the biggest 'buzz' for an unknown author and small independent publisher since GP Taylor's Shadowmancer, which went on to become a massive international bestseller and Waterstone's Book of the Year 2003. The author of JAARFINDOR, Sean Wright, has already received praise from GP Taylor, who dubbed Wright's writing as 'highly recommended.'

Sean Wright's work has also been named by the Book and Magazine Collector (July edition 244) as one of the most collectable modern children's authors in the world today, making JAARFINDOR and ideal Xmas present that may very well rise in value and not end up amongst a pile of unwanted Xmas gifts. According to BMC, Sean Wright is part of an elite of fifteen authors which include JK Rowling, Philip Pullman, Lemony Snicket and others. The author is already well known for his cult ?Jesse Jameson? series for children, with JAARFINDOR being his first foray into the teenage/adult market, and what a dark and controversial debut it is.

JAARFINDOR is about Lia-Va an eighteen year old addict - a sword-wielding princess -who has claimed her throne the traditional way of her people: by killing her father in a bloody battle. From the golden steps of Elriad's White Citadel she embarks on a strange and blood-thirsty journey aboard the pirate hovering sky-ship, Voyeur. She is driven to hunt down the fabled and fabulous twisted root which legend claims is hidden beneath Brafindor?s Church of Our Lady in its chilling catacombs. She is obsessed with her root addiction, cares nothing for the throne or loyal subjects she leaves behind, and will not stop until she gets what she wants.

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Sean Wright's teenage-adult crossover book - The Twisted Root of Jaarfindor - was launched at London's legendary Hatchard's Piccadilly yesterday (27 October 2004). The store had reserved 250 copies of the hardback. They all sold out. Over 500 copies of Sean Wright's books - both books 1 to 4 in the Jesse Jameson series, and Jaarfindor paperbacks and hardbacks - sold during the author's two hour visit.

"It was a great success for an independent small press author," Hatchard's children's buyer, Lucy Masters said. "We look forward to Sean Wright's return."

When asked how he felt about Jaarfindor's London book launch the author said: "Overwhelmed. It was wonderful to meet some of the people who buy my books."

Sean Wright returns to Hatchard's for their Special Christmas signing evening on Thursday 2nd December - 6pm to 8pm. The event is the highlight of Hatchard's literary calendar. The 'to be confirmed' list of authors includes Michael Morpurgo, Michelle Paver, PD James, Marcus Sedgewick, PB Kerr, Ruth Rendell, Ian Rankin, GP Taylor, Monica Ali, Susanna Clarke, and more than fifty others.

These are great points and well put, pncole! But why stop there? Why no mention of Frankie K. Bloch's speculative epic "Hatchet"? Or indeed the (some might say, but I wouldn't) ludicrously titled "Diary of a Dead Nun" by Max Kinburg? And the fourth of CrowSwing's bug guns, Charlotte Aaronson is conspicuous by her absence, surely her "gripping intimate slow-burn headtrip" "Dead Before Midnight" deserves more publicity?

Tell us more about these books, pncole, otherwise people might start thinking that they, and their authors, don't even exist!!

Sean Wright is a publisher, artist, editor and author. He works in partnership with his wife, Trish. Crowswing also work in partnership with many writers and booksellers, both independent such as Foyle's in Charring Cross, Harrod's of London, and Peter's in Birmingham, as well as national bookchains Waterstones and Ottakars.

Crowswing publish limited edition sci-fi, fantasy and horror fiction for children and adults - speculative fiction, as it is called by some, but we like to think of our books as great, entertaining storytelling. We specialize in teenage-adult crossover titles, books that will appeal to both age groups. We are small, independent, and 100% committed to the exciting new titles and talented writers that we publish.

New Wave of Speculative Fiction: Book 1 edited by Sean Wright (a collection of 13 new short stories). The stories Sean Wright has chosen for this book reflect the current demand for exciting writers prepared to break barriers and see this and other worlds with a fresh eye. The book has an international flavour with writers from USA, South Africa, Canada, and the UK. It includes P. Grey's atmospheric 'Obituary', a new twist on the collector mentality; Michelle A. Ponto's fast-paced sci-fi thriller, 'Mission Rejected'; and award-winning author, Michael Mirolla's 'Inside/Out', a strange, vibrant masterly story of what might be. There's also British Fantasy Award winner for 2002, Paul Finch's suspenseful conspiracy tale, 'And the Rivers Ran Red to the Sea.'

When Graveyards Yawn (a collection of 13 new short stories of revenge from beyond the grave). Anyone who's been chilled by August Derleth's collection of superb supernatural ghost stories of revenge from beyond the grave will understand the nature of this new modern collection that pays homage to a master of the macabre. August Derleth's work of the same title went out as Mr George and Other Odd Persons and was first published by Arkham House in 1963. A UK paperback edition appeared from Tandem in 1965 retitled When Graveyards Yawn. There's a treasured yellowing copy of the Tandem book that has become well-pawed over the years in the Crowswing library. And unlike the 'Dead Man's Shoes' it's not for sale!

This collection includes amongst other writers the US author Jacqueline Seewald, whose superb short stories have appeared in numerous magazines, anthologies, and collections in the US and UK. She has written book reviews for LIBRARY JOURNAL and PUBLISHERS WEEKLY. She has had her writing published in SIMPLER LIVING, BIG ONES, WILLAMETTE WRITER, THE STAR LEDGER, ARIBELLA MAGAZINE, WEE PARENTS, WRITERS LOUNGE, BIG APPLE PARENT and AFFAIRE DE COEUR. WOMEN'S INDEPENDENT PRESS has published four of her articles. When Graveyards Yawn also includes Lisa deMond from the US. Lisa is a contributing editor for SF Site and Black Gate magazine. Her
non-fiction has run in Bookpage, Publishers Weekly, Science Fiction
Weekly, Cemetery Dance, Science Fiction Chronicle, SF Reader, Strange
Horizons, and the REVIEW OF CHILDREN'S LITERATURE. Often, her work has
ranked #1 in divers categories of the annual Preditors & Editors poll.
DARKERS (the ebook) made Peanut Press? bestseller list. She considers
her greatest honour though, being asked to contribute to the SciFi
Channel?s 9/11 Memorial.

What's that got to do with it? Just because Sean Wright has independantly published himself, it doesn't mean that his achievements should be ignored. After writing the successful Jesse Jamieson books, which are perfect for 5-8 year olds, he is really stepping up his game with the Jaarfindoor volume, which will appeal to teenagers AND adults! I have read all the Jessie books, and love them all. No one will ever convince me that they aren't the best told stories for years, continuing the tradition of well told speculative tales of Chaucer, Dickens, Greene and G.P. Taylor.

I just think it is a shame that Sean hasn't kept his own original artwork for the cover - that Les Edwards one is nowhere near as evocative of Lia-Vi's moorish heritage.

Crowswing Books is Sean Wright himself, not a separate publisher.

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