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They Put A Spell On You

This is one of those Amanda Craig filler articles that I would much rather see relegated to her website. It was in Saturday's Times, but I only came across it tonight.

It riles, because it's money for nothing. Craig didn't have to read anything she hadn't read previously. Just pick up the phone and get a soundbite from David Fickling. Be prepared to make a [hardly brave] disparaging remark about Paolini's Eragon and, lo, there's freelance money in the bank.

p17 of The Times Books Review would have been better given over to a single title children's book review, a la ze Guardian, than to this piece of hack journalism, which would be easier to stomach without the grandiose ending: "In great fiction the pain of experience is not avoided, and a parallel world is not a place where you can escape when this one becomes too difficult, though it returns you to yourself refreshed and encouraged." Though, lo, so, day, ray, me, fah, fah f-f-f...

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