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I am warming to The Ultimate Book Guide [see Feb 3rd entry]. I have just read Michael Lawrence's recommendation for Five Children And It. It's so good it makes you wish that the alphabetical list of contributors at the back of the book also included page references for their contributions. I hope Michael Lawrence has written about other books, but I shall have to flip through the book to find out.
There are even times when I find the rampant shriek marks welcome, as in Hilary McKay's introduction to The Sword In The Stone. "How I envy the people who have not read this book! They have a present still to unwrap! An unexpected piece of luck! An extra holiday!" This is better than the trailing wow lines - "leaves you breathless!" "three great sequels!" "Don't miss out!" "lots of fun!" - but I now find there are fewer of these than I thought.
Oh, I've just spotted another entry by Michael Lawrence. Excuse me a moment.


Mm, OK, but not as good as his Nesbit entry. This short entry for Jill Paton Walsh's Gaffer Samson's Luck is rather more subdued. On the opposite page I see Daniel Hahn (he of the ghastly Tom Sawyer entry) writing about Frindle by Andrew Clements. Hahn has several entries in the book and I am getting a feel for his style now - familiar, informal, conversational. "I laughed loads as I read this, and really, really wanted Nick to make it. And I readily confess to a big old lump in my throat at the end..." That's good.
It makes me read the Tom Sawyer entry in a different light. That doesn't make it any better an entry, but I can hear Hahn's voice now, and it comes across as sincere and genuine - the voice of a warm-hearted advocate of children's books. I hope I haven't made an enemy of him.

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