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Malorie Blackman's Knife Edge is featured in a 2 x half-page spread in the current edition (Feb 23) of TIME Magazine.
The article is headlined "Sharper Image - with Knife Edge, writer Malorie Blackman tests the outer limits of kid lit".

The piece is predominantly a journalistic feature, giving readers a bit of background on the UK young adult fiction scene and then talking about Blackman's role as a black author. The writer, Michael Brunton, does finish with a paragraph of criticism:

"As literature, Knife Edge is a bit of a let-down, sagging with serial indignities where Noughts & Crosses was taut with sheer indignation. For example, Sephy's attempt to cut it as a singer in the noughts' underground music scene feels peripheral (and lyrically, she's no Eminem)."

This is legitimate critical comment because it's related to a specific aspect of the book, and shows that you do not require huge chunks of direct quotation to justify a point.
It's not a point Blackman will relish reading, but she'll be delighted with the global exposure.

How many UK children's authors, besides J. K. Rowling, have made an appearance in TIME Magazine? Does anyone know?

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Noughts and crosses is my favourite book of all time. People get sick of me talking about it. I would love more than anything to play a part in it. I wouldn't be Sephy thought i'd be a bit part, someone that beats her up or something. I like the ending because no-one went skipping off into the sunset and it left a lot unsaid for the next two books. I don't know, but i guess that the next book wil be written as Callie Rose and Sephy. It wouldn't make any sense that Callie Rose dies.

noughts and crosses should be made into a movie so more people can acknowledge it ! id play any part any time

It was a very stupid book

You should come to abbeyfeale for auditions for the role of Persephone Mira Hadley.I [babe] would love to play the part of Sephy as I am so talented. I was Hermione Granger in all the Harry Potter films.That isnt my only style of acting.I also played Samara in "the ring".

Noughts and crosses was the best book I ever read.

noughts and crosses and knife edge should be made into movies

I felt that the end of the book was a hugh letdown.

I think the end should have been made more clear-did Callie Rose die?

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