Hating Alison

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Herald Sun: Delta to star in her first film [21feb04]

19-year-old Delta Goodrem - actress, popstar and tennis player Mark Philippoussis' girlfriend - has said she is excited to be making her actressing comeback in the lead role of a movie based on the hugely successful young adult novel by Robin Klein...

Hating Alison Ashley by Robin Klein

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i love the book so much delta totally rocks man]

delta rocks and so does haing alison ashley it is awesome

I have a friend who's going to be an extra in the movie!!!

I can't wait she is the best.I love her i nieghbours she is a good acter and singer

butterfly i agree wif u.... delta rules!!!
and yes ok enuff bout ur wedding wif philippoussis ... ok i'll be ur fricken maid of honour and yes we will plan it!!
back to delta... we hav to try and be extras in the movie
luv e xx

omg i absolutly luv delts!!! i think shes amazing and H.A.A was my fave book in primary school!!! GOOD LUCK DELTA!

p.s. im sooo gonna marry mark soo i think delta better give him up .....

I Can't wait for Delta's movie! I think she'll be FANTASTIC!!!!

She is a great actress ... i hope they tie in her singing ... that'd be even better!!!

Love elzze

Judith, I'm not sure if this is a dig at Delta's acting ability or my use of the English language ;-)
I guess the latter.
Yes, I know actors 'act' and therefore actresses don't 'actress', they also act, so to be perfectly in order I should have written 'acting comeback'. But a waitress 'waits' on tables, they don't 'waitress'. Nevertheless, we talk about their 'waitressing'.

ACTRESSING?! Michael, I'm shocked! ;-)

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