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i was sooo impressed,the fact that a book celebrates books is amazing. i cried, laughed, cheered. she is an amazing author and has become one of my favorites. inkheart is not a book easily forgotten, especially when you read it out loud....

I loved the book Inkheart. Dustfinger is a really neat character, as are Meggie, Mo, and Elinor. Parts of this book are written so well that they seem real. I cried over some of it. I would love to see a sequel to this book.

I liked the thief lord because I love how Prosper and Bo ran away from their aunt. And I think that Bo is really sweet. I like his kittens, too. I think Cornelia Funke is a really good writer.

I'm almost finished reading my family The Theif Lord in the car. They all really like it. Can you please tell me how to get to your website? I want to find out more about Inkheart. I want to read that.

I think Inkheart was a very good book and I especially liked how it ended with Basta and the Magpie getting away. It would be ridiculouse if there was no sequel to Inkheart. If there is a second Inkheart could you post a sample of it on the internet?

I just finished reading "The Theif Lord" for the second time today. I absolutely LOVE that book. Oh, please write a sequel, Cornelia Funke! I have to find out what happens next. I hope Scipio turns back into a boy. When I find out what Cornelia Funke's website is called, I will definitely visit it. I keep hearing about a book called Inkheart, which I haven't read, but I'm going to.

I really liked The Theif Lord and Inkheart,even thow my favorit was Inkheart.I don't care witch one gets a sequel.

You're making two sequels to Inkheart? Man now I'm angry and dissapointed I was hoping you would make a sequel to The Thief Lord. I really loved that book.

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