Horowitz Down Under

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Man with the golden pen - www.smh.com.au

"[Anthony] Horowitz, best-selling children's author, is on tour. He has just grabbed half an hour in his hotel room to write chapter 12 of his next Alex Rider teen spy thriller, Scorpio, and he has come down to the foyer for the interview carrying the neatly typed manuscript in his hand - but he won't give away his new murder method just yet."

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HI my name is Ruth Wilkinson. I am twelve years old and i adore your books. My grandparents aren't all that rich and they refuse to buy me books. I have therefore used my own money to buy your books and they are the only books in my colection. Over the years in which i have read your books, they have become part of me. I can relate to Alex Rider because i too have no parents. At the end of finishing scorpia i was horrified when he died, although my nan said that he might not have actually died as it didnt say he had. Please write back saying that hes not dead and if so i will love to read your next book. I am heartbroken that he has died as i have discovered losses over the years. First my parents, Then aunt and uncle, Then my brother Your books were the only thing i could turn to, PLEASE write back RUTH WILKINSON.

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