Children's Book Council of Australia Awards


CBCA Book of the Year Awards - Winners 2003

Plus comment from
The Mercury
The Age
and (scathing) The Sydney Morning Herald

extracted from Sydney Morning Herald:
"In the Older Readers category, Markus Zusak's The Messenger reads like a pamphlet on good citizenship that might have gone out to all households with their "Be alert" fridge magnet... ...With nauseatingly simplistic morality and prose such as: "It's dark and the streetlights there have been rocked. Only one survives and even that one winks at me. It's light that limps from the globe", this preachy book would seem amateurish anywhere but on a Young Adult list."


Hear Hear. Too easy to critise. Where is the alternate shortlist? The press is given access to the positive comments by the Children's Book Council and they generally go out of there way to find the negatives which then appear as the headlines.

Encourage our kids to read. Stop critising every attempt to encourage them.

The Herald is ALWAYS scathing about children's books and the CBCA awards in particular. It's been their overtly stated position for at least 10 years. Meg Sorensen, the children's review editor, has spent the better part of the last 15 years (in various journals) doing her damndest to destroy the reputation and confidence of Australian children's authors. Her most infamous review called for a particular book to be ripped up, set on fire, and pissed upon. As you'll see from her dismissive, sneering comments about this years winners, her only points of reference for children's books are the likes of Dahl and Sendak - all very well, but hardly indicative of an on-going engagement with contemporary creators. I also don't know where she gets off proclaiming what children will and won't find boring. One wonders why she bothers spending her time with a genre she clearly has little but contempt for (a tiny handful of ever-predictable authors/illustrators excepted).

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