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Oh how I love my site - waking up to it, coming back to it... Just thought I'd let you know! This blog has restrengthened a flame that was starting to flutter. And I am beginning to see the light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel. It has been an arduous year beyond the reading of 700 page long fantasies. We have been busy establishing a backend database which will pave the way for a revamping of the site - due any week now - and have only this week reached the point of catching up with new arrivals. Not quite true. I have about 2 days' worth of reptrospective book-logging to do before moving on to the packets that have arrived this week.

But that's not the point of this post. I thought I'd put my perceptions of publishers' promotional flair to the test by, for a period of time, noting on the blog any special marketing paraphernalia that arrives in ACHUKA's post.

There were 2 things of note this morning:

i) from ORION a package of advance material for Kevin Crossley-Holland's King Of The Middle March, the concluding part of his Arthur trilogy, due in October. The material included a chapter sampler and a Press Pack with "a guide to possible feature and interview angles relating to the Arthur trilogy, as suggested by the author. Relevant page numbers are marked in brackets." Woe to any interviewers who don't do their homework, then.

ii) a sample chapter, cover and press release of the sumptuous looking Dr Eernest Drake's Dragonology, The Complete Book of Dragons from Templar, alsodue in October

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