The Dian Curtis Regan Interview

Follow-up questions answered here

Do you prefer health food or junk food?
from ALEX aged 10

Well, I adore junk food (don't tell Sparrow!) but I do try to eat a healthy diet. My weaknesses are: pizza, chocolate malts, and licorice.

The monsters are alive, then Mr T says they're stuffed toys. When Rilla goes upstairs they are stuffed toys. Are they stuffed or are they real? (I thought they were real.)
from MICHAEL aged 10

They are stuffed until the stars line up in angled shapes like lightning. Then the magic sparks them to life. It all depends on the stars.........(Cue in eerie music!)

Was the first book you wrote the one that was published first?
from JENNIFER aged 10

GOOD question, Jennifer. Books are never published in the order written. For example, the very first book I *started* writing (Princess Nevermore) was my *20th* published novel.

When did you first start wanting to be a writer?
from KERIANNE aged 11

When I was your age. :>

In the main interview you say you owned a chihuahua.
Have you ever written about a small dog like that?
from NICOLA aged 10

Gosh, Nicola, your question made me realize that Thatch, the ghost dog, is the ONLY dog I've ever written about. (Other than the cast of dogs appearing in GT #5: Mystery of the Disappearing Dogs.) Mmmmm. I will make sure more dogs appear in future books.

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