ACHUKA Authorfile: Adele Geras

ACHUKA Authorfile #35

Diana Wynne Jones

My hair colour: Iron grey, these days.
My eye colour: Blue
My star sign: Leo
My shoe size: I never know - I think it varies.
My favourite book when child: E. Nesbit's Bastable books.
My favourite fictional character: Britomant - a lady warrior.
Books that inspired me to become a writer: None, I just knew I was going to be a writer when I was 8.
My favourite author: C. S. Lewis.
My ideal reading position: In a large armchair, with my feet up and a cat on my legs.
My usual means of marking a place in a book: Putting it down open, upside down.
My favourite time of year: Early Spring.
My favourite time of day: Evening: I'm terrible in the mornings.
My best time for working: Day and night, except mornings.
The first piece of work I was paid for was: A play for children - 'The Batterpool Business'.
My favourite TV show: Have I Got News For You.
My favourite song: Wally, Wally
My favourite actor: Sean Connery
The creature comfort I would most unwillingly relinquish: Cigarettes
My favourite sweet food: Raspberries
My favourite savory food: Cheese - and if I eat any I end up in hospital
My typical bedtime is: Midnight
My favourite year of childhood: None - I had a terrible childhood
My mousemat design: None, I have a mouse with a roller that looks like a mouse
The tidiest place in my home is: The spare room
The untidiest place in my home is: My study
The working tool I would least like to do without: A pen